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Last update: 08.09.2022




  • Reception
    • Only one Guest per group is allowed to access the Reception
    • We recommend booking and checking in on-line, in order to reduce waiting times
  • Pitches
    • All accesses of caravans/campers/tents positioned on the pitch must respect a distance of at least 3 meters from other neighboring units
    • Each type of equipment must be positioned inside the pitch, at least 1 meter from the perimeter
  • Living Accommodations and Private Bathrooms: The living accommodations and the private bathrooms are delivered clean and are sanitized at every change
  • Toilet Buildings
    • The toilet buildings are open and accessible depending on the turnout
    • The toilet buildings are cleaned and sanitized periodically
  • Water Park
    • The pools and slides are open regularly, but the places in the water and on the solarium are limited
    • It is mandatory to take a shower before entering the water
    • The use of a swimming cap is not mandatory
    • The sunbeds are sanitized at each change and in any case before the opening of the water park
    • The chlorine level, like every year, is constantly monitored 24 hours a day, in order to ensure that the water is safe. Furthermore, analyzes are periodically carried out by an external laboratory
  • Beach and Lake
    • A distance of at least 1,5 m must be guaranteed between the beach equipment (sunbeds, chairs, towels) of people who do not belong to the same crew
    • There are no restrictions regarding the maximum occupancy
    • The use of a swimming cap is not mandatory
  • Cafés/Restaurants
    • The café/restaurans are open regularly and have all the tables as always
    • As always, the take-away service is available
  • Supermarket
    • The supermarket is open regularly, but the access is allowed to a limited number of people
  • Playgrounds and Area Kids
    • Both the outdoor playgrounds and the Area Kids are open regularly and are also cleaned and sanitized periodically
    • As regards the Area Kids, the access will be allowed to a limited number of Guests 
  • Fitness Center
    • The fitness center is open regularly and the access is allowed to a limited number of people
  • Entertainment: The entertainment service is active and available
  • Common Spaces: All the common spaces are cleaned and sanitized periodically, as required by the national protocol and the products indicated by the Ministry of Health are used
  • Daily Visits: Neither visits nor daily entries are allowed
  • It is recommended to wear the mask in contexts where gatherings can be created, such as markets, fairs or queues